The club was founded in 1958 by Miguel Ángel Soto Bustamante and Antonio Martínez Barrios from the Colonial city. The first president of the club was Rogelio Toledo Estrada. After obtaining promotion to the top division (Major League "A") in the 1957/58 season, Antigua, which finished third in the 1959/60 league table, but was unable to maintain its level in the following years, suffering relegation after the 1964 season. After more than a decade in Major League B, the administration of the club was inherited by the Municipality of Antigua Guatemala, and in December 1976, it obtained promotion back to Major League "A", but was relegated two more years. late as the number of teams in the league was reduced from 18 to 12 teams. The administration changed command again and the team won another promotion in 1979 after winning a third playoff tie-breaker game against Juca at Estadio Mateo Flores, which remained in the top flight until 1983, when the final final place in the standings relegated once again.

The 1983 relegation marked the beginning of a long 16-year period in which the club when through financial stress and failed to return to the top flight.

In 1998 the administration of the team was given again to the Municipality and Mayor Víctor Hugo del Pozo (1996-2004) with great effort and responsibility put together a good team and on May 23, 1999 he won a place where he now stands called the National League chaired by Guillermo Navas (1998 - 2,002), in which he was competing for 7 years, until on May 21, 2006 he descended again to the First Division.



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